Home Theater

If you have a large collection of movies, music or videos that you would like to have available on-demand to watch anywhere like your own personal Netflix, Plex can help. Plex is a media server that you to install on your Linux machine which allows you to stream your media to any Plex enabled device such as a smartphone, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, PC, and many others.

Once you point Plex to your files, it will automatically organize them into libraries and gather relevant information from the web for movie synopsis, actor names, music track names, album information, etc. Once all information is gathered, you will have an organized library of media that can be played from anywhere an internet connection is available.

Getting Plex

You can download the Plex Media Server directly from the following URL:


Once downloaded, you can follow the necessary steps of your Linux distribution to install the file. Specific instructions can be found here: