Personal Notebook

If you’ve ever used a digital notebook like Microsoft OneNote or Evernote, you may already realize the benefits of having on-demand access to your notes and having them well organized for quick access to information. Bookstack is an alternative to these commercial products and is completely free and open-source. Bookstack allows you to host your very own digital notebooks for work or school and can be also be used for project documentation. Bookstack runs on the LAMP stack using SQL and PHP and is completely optimized for web use.

Installing Bookstack

The recommended installation method for Bookstack is through Docker but can also be installed on bare-metal or on a virtual machine. The link below provided an installation script for Ubuntu 18.04 that will automatically install the LAMP stack and Bookstack, therefore, it is strongly recommended that you only use a fresh instance of Ubuntu for this project. Please be aware that this script is only intended for Ubuntu and there is no official documentation for Debian, however, online documentation can be found for a Debian installation.

Ubuntu (18.04)