Choosing a Distribution

When it comes to choosing a distribution for your project, I highly recommend using either Ubuntu or Debian if you’re new to Linux. Ubuntu will be the most user friendly choice for absolute beginners as it has a larger repository for packages, but either are perfectly good choices for home use and are stable with plenty of available packages that are installable without much fuss. More advanced users will probably have their own flavor of Linux that they prefer. You can follow the links posted below to download the latest stable releases.


**For Ubuntu, it is recommended that you use the LTS (long term support) version as it will receive updates and support far longer than other versions.


Other Recommended Distributions

If you’re familiar with using virtual machines, I would highly recommended installing a hypervisor on your machine and using virtual machines or containers to host your projects. This allows you to run multiple projects and manage them separately to avoid adverse interactions between different servers and packages. Proxmox and Xen are excellent free choices for this. If you decided to use Xen, I recommend XCP-ng, but XenServer or CitrixHypervisor can also be used.